Thursday, May 23, 2013

Phuket Trip

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera!!!! wahhh lamanya ndak update blog...ohisashiburi desu ne!!!!!!! ok this time i'll tell a story about me and my friends' trip to phuket, thailand!!!!!

Last mid term break, (2013), me, shafiq, AJ, Ezhar and Ecka, went to a trip to phuket.. BY LAND! We took the KTM intercity train, Kuala lumpur-Hatyai(thailand), 9.20 PM..for RM56..there are also RM45 of ticket price, but its for sit only... we took the ticket with bed, so, its much expensive compare to the sitting ticket.

Ecka on his bed kahkah

U dont have to worry, they got cafeteria in the train as well..but its expensive! God! so we brought our own food, we ate on our bed, and we went to the cafe cabin, we bought few drinks and play cards..until 2 am and took our nap...

Around 9 am, we reached the Malaysia-Thailand boundaries, called Padang besar, we stop and do some chopping, dont forget to bring ur stuffs together, actually u also can just leave it in the cabin, but u wont know if someone trying to sabotage u, they might put something, maybe drugs, or i advice u, bring ur bag pack together with u... 

After about 1 hour, we continue the trip, with the same train to hatyai(thailand), dont worry, u wont be charged any extra, because the RM56 is included already.....Padang Besar-Hatyai took about 1 hour with in the 1 hour, clean ur self, and pack ur stuffs...(well i fell asleep through out the 1 hour :P)

Ok basically we reached Hatyai about 10 am (the 2nd day)..... here is the critical part, people will come to u and offering many tour package!!!and basically their offers is much high! almost double the normal price.. well if u have enough money, and u dont care bout it, u can take the offer, but like me? im in saving mode dude!!! just ignore them...IGNORE,,,

Listen, they were offering us  Hatyai-Phuket with 600 bath per head (RM60).....thats for a van..well air conditioned van...but we just refused the offer and say (its ok we want to take a walk first around hatyai) well u know, u need to lie to shut their mouth...:D

after that, we met a guy who can speak Malay..well he is a Pattani-an guy, so we can understand him...he told us to get a tuktuk (a public transport in thailand) and go the main bus station in...(i forgot the name) with 20bath/head(rm2)..i believed we can get a better price, but we were in a hurry, and 2 ringgit is not that the station, we managed to get a van, same with the previous one, with 370 bath (RM37)..see??? patient will solve ur problem...hahaha

Ok the journey to Phuket has took about 7-8 hours for us to get to phuket...pheuu...train 14hours, another 7 hours..pacah buss!!!! for the 1st 3-4 hours we were just took our rest, sleeping..but the next 2 hours? we were just laughing, maybe because of the too-tired condition..haha 

At last around 8pm (2nd day) we arrived in phuket bus station...thats not it, we want to go to the Patong beach, around 10 KM from phuket main town...the price for renting a van is we divide the price, about 120 bath per head....actually we can get 600bath, if we find another van, but dude, we were exhausted! who cares!

We arrived in Blue Sea Backpacker Lodge..and we manage to get a Backpacker room, with RM20 per head per night...air conditioned...clean and comfortable! brrr we clean ourselves, Jamak and we went out for dinner....its easy to find Halal food here..dont worry....
Our room

looking for food in pasar malam...sangat dekat dr tmpt kami stay

Actually, after having our dinner, we were planning to get some rest for the next day...but after having a conversation with a mat salleh, he said, `u can take a walk to the Bangla Road, 5 mins from here)..bha apa lagi, we said...jum kita p tgok??
Sekali sampai d bangla Road! bapak ramai gila wonder they said (phuket life is on night day) pergh..
Snap d tgh jalan

Guys, i'll continue next time..salam safe and travel the world!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

u can do it LAW!!!!!!

Salam n hello everyone....feuuhh!! its been awhile since i updated my blog...hmm.tu jak la...bye...
haha..just kidding...:D

well, its about 1 month to go before me and my friends furthering our studies....well, this time, i'll go even further then before(diploma), and that is S.Alam....thousands miles away from home....feuhh..
im just thinking, what kind of hardness that i'll face during my study later???? the potential problems are:
-pokai-ing (well, it must be cool!!!)
-sick (well, i wont be able to go home if i get sick, except `heavy illness'..not like when i was in kk, even just a fever, my mom will ask me to go, pandai2 la jam..:D )
-different social culture (well, new friends, people, and of course new n different behavior)

and many more la!! ngeh3...

and to my gf, i heart ya cuk..:D

i think thats sorry because there is no pictures from me....mals mau upload daa...:D

be safe people..Assalam...:D

Friday, July 15, 2011

If you dont know me by now......

i fall in love with `IT' once i know that :-

1. It is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and the mountain range of new Guinea

2. It is the Highest on Borneo, all other mountains are at least 1500m and lower (amsl)

3. It has over 5000 plant species which is the highest plant diversity globally unit-area

4. It is one of the youngest mountains in the world (between 7-8 million years)

5. It is still GROWING

6. It is the 20th most prominent peak in the world

7. It has the deepest ravines in the world called LOW's GULLY with vertical walls over 1500m high

8. It is not a volcano but the ONLY GRANITE mountain in Borneo

9. It was covered with GLACIERS up to about 10 000 years ago

10. It is the richest place in the world for Pitcher plants

11. It has the richest orchid diversity in the world with over 900 species

12. 326 bird species have been recorded within it


dawn at mount kinabalu :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

cari makan maa..:))

salam and hello guys!!!!!! hows ur days??? hope it was fun and full with blessing from Allah..:))

well, i think its time for me to get my a** out there and find a job, well, to earn some money for my daily expenses during this holiday..:)...and i found 1!!! ngeeee

an organization has accepted me to work there, Sabah Book Store, as a tukang jaga buku daa...:)) well,for me it is a cool place to work, well, near to my home and, good salary (i guess)....and all the workers seems nice (well, i'll see that later)..and i hope i can earn more experiences here, thats the important thing...

well, tu jak la, i dont know what to say...hehe....please take care of yourself guys!! and keep sharing..:)
Sabah Book Store..:)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

When I was Young

When I was young
I could run
and work and play
all day

Even sleep had a purpose.
I'd sleep
to awake,
not to escape from life.
Fresh and alive,
determination marking any effort

Now sleep overcomes me
more often than before
but in dreams
I live
remember and plan,
working within my heart and mind.

My spirit wants to run
but my body can't keep up
Patience now marks my effort

Bending low
to teach the young
passing on what I know
what I've felt
what I've done,
so my life won't be a wasted one.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


hello bloggers!!! hope we all doing just fine here...:)

well, i would like to talk about the word `TRAFALGAR'...yeah, its my nickname..ngeh3 (angkat2 kening daa)...
Actually, i got the name from one of one piece's character, Trafalgar Law, which i admire the most..well, from the character, i can see a humble but strong guy, intelligent (well, he is a great doctor), cool, patient, kind and good leadership skill..yeah he is!!!!!and he is also a good friend to Luffy -sama!!!! lol

well, i was just thinking, where did mr.Eiichiro Oda (one piece's writer) got the name???? hmm...

well, after i googled for a few hours, i found out that the world `trafalgar' came from a cape, somewhere in Spain, its name is `TRAFALGAR CAPE'....(how could this related to one piece???)

near this cape, there was a great battle, around more than 200 years ago, im talking about a sea battle...back to 21 October 1805, a sea battle between British Loyal Navy against French Navy and Spanish Navy (well, the spain and french were combined against British)...and the British Loyal Navy was came back with a great isnt???

and then, in order to remind the England people about the victory, they put the `Trafalgar' name on a place called Trafalgar Square,in central London..currently, the Trafalgar Square is a public place and for tourism, it is also use for many purposes such as social gathering, political gathering, etc...

well, for more information, i think you can google it by yourself (kalau minat la..:) )

ok la, i think thats all, take care and keep sharing everyone..:)

trafalgar square, central london

trafalgar cape, spain

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Salam and hello everyone.....hows your weekend??? i hope it was good and nice as usual...

Im spending a bit of my time here to tell about what happened this evening(12th June 2011) in town...

I was walking down the street and im on my way to buy `pisang goreng' in the market (pasar malam daa)...and suddenly, just in front of hundreds of people, a group of `pengkid' (is that how its spell??) versus a group of young male(teenagers) were fighting and it was just like a `fighting floor'...well, i must admit that those `pengkid' was quite a some, i mean, they really fight like a man!! haha...

they were chasing each other, punching, kicking, and the most regretful incident was those `pengkid', they kicked and punched at vehicles near them..whats their point?? i dont understand....few minutes after that, a guy with a `parang' came and chased some of those fighters and they were just ran randomly...

i dont know, at the first few minutes, i was quite nervous, but later, i was enjoying the show..lalalala..well, they are just teenagers who still cannot control their anger..haha..unfortunately, i didnt take any pics or video...nevermind, it all here (pointing on my head)..haha

hm...i think thats all, and i hope we always get the chances to share our story and opinion here..

until next time fellows....

p/s: keep praying for Palestinians..:)