Thursday, October 7, 2010


Salam n hello everyone.... i just got here from our academic visit in keningau, n for me, Keningau is
kind a cool place to hang out..(ngeh3)
This morning, we (UiTM bus) used the Kimanis road to get home...and the most great part is, we were travelling along the `CROCKER RANGE', one of the coolest place in Sabah (in my opinion lorr, ngeh3)..
I never thought about looking the view and travelling along the range before, well, I heard about the CROCKER before, but this time, i got the chance to look and stand on it!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!
unfortunately, i did not take any picture of them, but it will remain forever in my memory~~ (ceh!!) :)
well, thats all, take care everyone, and good luck in your exam..^^