Tuesday, January 25, 2011


21 rocky road..^^

Hi everyone..its me again...yeah, i admit it...its hard to spend some of time to write here, and tell everything..hmm.....never mind, im going to write about my last birthday celebration..^^
well, during last january 6th, we (my mom and mpp fellows) celebrated my birthday, well, im 21 now, kind a old already..(compare to 17 years old teenagers) haha...well, syukur la, Allah still let me enjoying my life as a human and UiTM student..^^

Actually this celebration is kind a special for me, and also for my mom, because my friends from uitm came and celebrated it in my house, well, it was the same day during our way back home to kk from tawau, so, sekali singgah la kan..^^

Here, there are some pics for sharing..^^

My mom and mpp friends.^^

Pn Azura staring at my mom's made cake^^