Friday, July 15, 2011

If you dont know me by now......

i fall in love with `IT' once i know that :-

1. It is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and the mountain range of new Guinea

2. It is the Highest on Borneo, all other mountains are at least 1500m and lower (amsl)

3. It has over 5000 plant species which is the highest plant diversity globally unit-area

4. It is one of the youngest mountains in the world (between 7-8 million years)

5. It is still GROWING

6. It is the 20th most prominent peak in the world

7. It has the deepest ravines in the world called LOW's GULLY with vertical walls over 1500m high

8. It is not a volcano but the ONLY GRANITE mountain in Borneo

9. It was covered with GLACIERS up to about 10 000 years ago

10. It is the richest place in the world for Pitcher plants

11. It has the richest orchid diversity in the world with over 900 species

12. 326 bird species have been recorded within it


dawn at mount kinabalu :)