Friday, August 12, 2011

u can do it LAW!!!!!!

Salam n hello everyone....feuuhh!! its been awhile since i updated my blog...hmm.tu jak la...bye...
haha..just kidding...:D

well, its about 1 month to go before me and my friends furthering our studies....well, this time, i'll go even further then before(diploma), and that is S.Alam....thousands miles away from home....feuhh..
im just thinking, what kind of hardness that i'll face during my study later???? the potential problems are:
-pokai-ing (well, it must be cool!!!)
-sick (well, i wont be able to go home if i get sick, except `heavy illness'..not like when i was in kk, even just a fever, my mom will ask me to go, pandai2 la jam..:D )
-different social culture (well, new friends, people, and of course new n different behavior)

and many more la!! ngeh3...

and to my gf, i heart ya cuk..:D

i think thats sorry because there is no pictures from me....mals mau upload daa...:D

be safe people..Assalam...:D