Thursday, May 23, 2013

Phuket Trip

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera!!!! wahhh lamanya ndak update blog...ohisashiburi desu ne!!!!!!! ok this time i'll tell a story about me and my friends' trip to phuket, thailand!!!!!

Last mid term break, (2013), me, shafiq, AJ, Ezhar and Ecka, went to a trip to phuket.. BY LAND! We took the KTM intercity train, Kuala lumpur-Hatyai(thailand), 9.20 PM..for RM56..there are also RM45 of ticket price, but its for sit only... we took the ticket with bed, so, its much expensive compare to the sitting ticket.

Ecka on his bed kahkah

U dont have to worry, they got cafeteria in the train as well..but its expensive! God! so we brought our own food, we ate on our bed, and we went to the cafe cabin, we bought few drinks and play cards..until 2 am and took our nap...

Around 9 am, we reached the Malaysia-Thailand boundaries, called Padang besar, we stop and do some chopping, dont forget to bring ur stuffs together, actually u also can just leave it in the cabin, but u wont know if someone trying to sabotage u, they might put something, maybe drugs, or i advice u, bring ur bag pack together with u... 

After about 1 hour, we continue the trip, with the same train to hatyai(thailand), dont worry, u wont be charged any extra, because the RM56 is included already.....Padang Besar-Hatyai took about 1 hour with in the 1 hour, clean ur self, and pack ur stuffs...(well i fell asleep through out the 1 hour :P)

Ok basically we reached Hatyai about 10 am (the 2nd day)..... here is the critical part, people will come to u and offering many tour package!!!and basically their offers is much high! almost double the normal price.. well if u have enough money, and u dont care bout it, u can take the offer, but like me? im in saving mode dude!!! just ignore them...IGNORE,,,

Listen, they were offering us  Hatyai-Phuket with 600 bath per head (RM60).....thats for a van..well air conditioned van...but we just refused the offer and say (its ok we want to take a walk first around hatyai) well u know, u need to lie to shut their mouth...:D

after that, we met a guy who can speak Malay..well he is a Pattani-an guy, so we can understand him...he told us to get a tuktuk (a public transport in thailand) and go the main bus station in...(i forgot the name) with 20bath/head(rm2)..i believed we can get a better price, but we were in a hurry, and 2 ringgit is not that the station, we managed to get a van, same with the previous one, with 370 bath (RM37)..see??? patient will solve ur problem...hahaha

Ok the journey to Phuket has took about 7-8 hours for us to get to phuket...pheuu...train 14hours, another 7 hours..pacah buss!!!! for the 1st 3-4 hours we were just took our rest, sleeping..but the next 2 hours? we were just laughing, maybe because of the too-tired condition..haha 

At last around 8pm (2nd day) we arrived in phuket bus station...thats not it, we want to go to the Patong beach, around 10 KM from phuket main town...the price for renting a van is we divide the price, about 120 bath per head....actually we can get 600bath, if we find another van, but dude, we were exhausted! who cares!

We arrived in Blue Sea Backpacker Lodge..and we manage to get a Backpacker room, with RM20 per head per night...air conditioned...clean and comfortable! brrr we clean ourselves, Jamak and we went out for dinner....its easy to find Halal food here..dont worry....
Our room

looking for food in pasar malam...sangat dekat dr tmpt kami stay

Actually, after having our dinner, we were planning to get some rest for the next day...but after having a conversation with a mat salleh, he said, `u can take a walk to the Bangla Road, 5 mins from here)..bha apa lagi, we said...jum kita p tgok??
Sekali sampai d bangla Road! bapak ramai gila wonder they said (phuket life is on night day) pergh..
Snap d tgh jalan

Guys, i'll continue next time..salam safe and travel the world!!!