Tuesday, March 15, 2011

banggi island!!!

hi everyone, its been a while since i updated my blog...hope you guys doing fine with your days..:))

well, many things had been happened since last month..im talking about the works that being assigned for me and my classmates...and the best part is, when me and my course-mates(plantation management) visited Banggi island as volunteers and help to do whatever we can do there...:)
well, there were several duties that being assigned to each and every one of us.....such as, repairing the walkways in Perpaduan Village, build the place for rubbishes, planting the palm trees..and many more!!
well, they assigned me to help in repairing the walkways in Kampung Perpaduan....it is an `on water' village, well, paham2 la kan keadaan sana...:))

i made a new friend during our way home to kk..Peter:)

repairing work!!

busy with repairing!!

well, one of my friend had fell into the water during our work...poor him, but at the same time, its quite funny (i guess..:))
after we finished repairing, we were very happy because we did manage to help the villagers and reduce their hardness in living there.....i hope next year there will be more this kind of activity, not only our course, but also other courses....
so long and take care everyone..salam.:)

p/s: lets pray for Japan!!