Monday, June 27, 2011

cari makan maa..:))

salam and hello guys!!!!!! hows ur days??? hope it was fun and full with blessing from Allah..:))

well, i think its time for me to get my a** out there and find a job, well, to earn some money for my daily expenses during this holiday..:)...and i found 1!!! ngeeee

an organization has accepted me to work there, Sabah Book Store, as a tukang jaga buku daa...:)) well,for me it is a cool place to work, well, near to my home and, good salary (i guess)....and all the workers seems nice (well, i'll see that later)..and i hope i can earn more experiences here, thats the important thing...

well, tu jak la, i dont know what to say...hehe....please take care of yourself guys!! and keep sharing..:)
Sabah Book Store..:)

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