Thursday, June 16, 2011


hello bloggers!!! hope we all doing just fine here...:)

well, i would like to talk about the word `TRAFALGAR'...yeah, its my nickname..ngeh3 (angkat2 kening daa)...
Actually, i got the name from one of one piece's character, Trafalgar Law, which i admire the most..well, from the character, i can see a humble but strong guy, intelligent (well, he is a great doctor), cool, patient, kind and good leadership skill..yeah he is!!!!!and he is also a good friend to Luffy -sama!!!! lol

well, i was just thinking, where did mr.Eiichiro Oda (one piece's writer) got the name???? hmm...

well, after i googled for a few hours, i found out that the world `trafalgar' came from a cape, somewhere in Spain, its name is `TRAFALGAR CAPE'....(how could this related to one piece???)

near this cape, there was a great battle, around more than 200 years ago, im talking about a sea battle...back to 21 October 1805, a sea battle between British Loyal Navy against French Navy and Spanish Navy (well, the spain and french were combined against British)...and the British Loyal Navy was came back with a great isnt???

and then, in order to remind the England people about the victory, they put the `Trafalgar' name on a place called Trafalgar Square,in central London..currently, the Trafalgar Square is a public place and for tourism, it is also use for many purposes such as social gathering, political gathering, etc...

well, for more information, i think you can google it by yourself (kalau minat la..:) )

ok la, i think thats all, take care and keep sharing everyone..:)

trafalgar square, central london

trafalgar cape, spain

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